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FIFA youth refereeing course for Somalia comes to an end.

Somali Football federation has on Wednesday [November, 9] concluded the
first FIFA youth refereeing course to be conducted in the country under
the auspice of the world football’s governing association [FIFA].
Somali football federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who
addressed at the closing ceremony of the course on Wednesday, said that
the need for education is always there.

“Education and development are two things which are always important for
the humans, because we are people and people must always think about their
development. Somali football federation is always prioritizing education
and progress and that is why development courses are held by the
federation” Mr. Mohamed said before handing over the microphone to SFF
president, Abdiqani Said Arab.

The president thanked FIFA for helping Somalia football to develop despite
the difficult situation in the country. “Thanks to FIFA for always giving
particular considerations to our requests for development, FIFA was always
and is still investing Somalia football in many ways” Somali Football
Federation [SFF] president, Abdiqani Said Arab noted during his closing

“As shown in our activity plans, local competitions in the country will
increase by 2017. Like so, SFF is planning to increase the quality and
quantity of football referees in Somalia, because to organize more
competitions, we have to increase the number of our referees first and
that is why we have been organizing more local and international level
refereeing courses for the past two years” the president explained.

“In our football history it has never happened that two FIFA-level
refereeing courses were held in Somalia within a year and we are planning
to increase this again with the help from FIFA, because refereeing is a
very important sector in the football industry and we are committed to
developing that important sector” president Abdiqani Said Arab noted.

The course brought together some 30 young age referees from across the
country and they were all awarded with their certificates except two
referees who failed in fitness test.


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By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
Member of CECAFA Media Committee

Short URL: http://somaliwayn.org/?p=47686

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