How to Ace Your Project Management Interview

How to Ace Your Project Management Interview

Ever wonder how easy it can be to ace your Project Management Interview? In this article, you will learn six tips to not make it more difficult, and how to apply them to your Project Management interview.

Don’t oversell yourself.

They say that during an interview, you have to sell yourself. It is true, but overselling yourself is a major turn off and a red flag for the interviewer. Always present facts and figures, don’t paint a picture of someone you are not, and only provide information that your interviewer asks of you.

Highlight your different practices

The company you’re applying with may have a proprietary methodology they may need to train you on. You can mention if you have used Scrum, Waterfall, Six Sigma, Design Thinking, etc. to show your breadth in delivery techniques. It is best to know that you have applied what you have learned or earned credentials. This approach might give you a significant edge compared to other applicants. Show off your confidence level, and surely, you will ace your project management interview and you’ll be hired as a new Project Manager.

Showcase your skillsets.

A little background research about the company you’re applying with can help. If you can connect it to the skillsets you have developed as a Project Manager, you will wow your interviewer. Highlight more than success stories by discussing failures and how you picked yourself up and learned from them.

Project Management Interview

Badmouthing your company is a No-No.

Whether the whole company or your previous boss, badmouthing must never occur, especially if the question is, “Why did you leave the company?” It is known to many that people leave managers. The hiring manager might be your future manager – she won’t want to be badmouthed in the future. Being honest is one thing, but you can manufacture a reason why leaving a job is worthwhile. A greener pasture, perhaps?

Evidence is better than generic answers.

Your hiring manager is somewhat skillful in terms of looking for a perfect candidate that has skills. Therefore, they are more interested in how you work rather than what you know. Present facts and figures that back up how you resolve specific issues instead.

Show your authentic and welcoming smile.

Your interviewer can determine whether or not you are wearing a fake or neutral smile. Being cheerful and authentic will lead to a more favorable job than those who showed a fake one. It helps if you show how serious you are in getting the job, but smile while remembering some of your experiences during your career will get a favorable response from your interviewer, leading you to be shortlisted.