Lean Sigma Six Green Belt & Refresher Green Belt Certificate Program

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Online course is designed for professionals with full schedules and little or no prior experience with Lean Six Sigma. It provides students with an introduction to the tools, techniques and methodologies that will empower them to lead LSS projects in their organization.

Students learn the problem-solving framework for improving processes – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) – and also receive instruction in the tools for streamlining production and services from end to end. By course completion, you will be well-versed in the knowledge and skills needed for successfully leading a Green Belt-level project to reduce or eliminate waste, lower defects in your organization’s products and processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

As a course graduate, you will get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification online from Purdue University. You also have the option, at no additional cost, of earning 4.5 CEUs (continuing education units), which come with a Purdue transcript.

Green Belt Certificate Program:

  • Online: Yes
  • Format: Instructor-led
  • Course Fee: $2,195
  • CEUs: 4.5
  • Course Availability: Monthly
  • Time to Complete: 10 weeks
  • Prerequisites: None

Who Can Benefit

  1. Project managers and process owners who want to learn how use Lean Six Sigma to make improvement projects more successful.
  2. Financial managers, plant managers, floor supervisors and administrators who are seeking a proven method for dramatically improving their organization’s financial performance.
  3. Professionals in health care, education and the military, among many other industries, who are interested in pursuing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

The Purdue Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Difference

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum is particularly thorough, providing added Lean training and preparing students for the rigor of our LSS Black Belt course. Instead of completing a Green Belt project, our students learn through case studies. This approach offers students greater flexibility and the opportunity to gain a more holistic understanding of tools for identifying waste and reducing defects. Students also are encouraged to begin thinking about their Black Belt projects.

Many Black Belt certification courses include review of some Green Belt-level instruction and require no work on a Black Belt project during the course. Since Purdue online Black Belt students jump right into their project during the course, they must already know how to use many pivotal LSS tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Relate LSS concepts to business objectives
  • Identify waste within the value stream
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively analyze and present data
  • Define and apply team leadership tools
  • Collect and process customer input/requirement
  • Identify key metrics for measuring success
  • Define the DMAIC process
  • Effectively use tools and concepts associated with each phase of the DMAIC process
  • Employ Lean Six Sigma skills in process improvement projects

Green Belt Refresher

The online Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher is designed for previously certified Lean Six Sigma professionals who would like to brush up on their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt-level knowledge and/or prepare to complete Purdue University’s online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. Because courses offered by other providers may diverge somewhat from Purdue’s own course, our Green Belt Refresher helps ensure that all of the students who enroll in the Black Belt course have the necessary tools to succeed.

The Refresher also provides students with an opportunity to test out of the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, which is one of two prerequisite courses for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The online Lean Principles course is the other prerequisite.

Students who pass the Green Belt Refresher pre-assessment can register for Lean Principles and, upon completion, the LSS Black Belt course. Professionals who obtained their Green Belts more than a few years ago through a company program or from a provider with somewhat different standards than those of Purdue, may find that they need to fully complete the Green Belt Refresher course before advancing in the certification process. If the pre-assessment indicates, however, that a student has major deficiencies in Green Belt-level knowledge, they will have to take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course to advance.

Green Belt Refresher Certificate Program:

  • Online: Yes
  • Format: Instructor-led
  • Course Fee: $395
  • CEUs: N/A
  • Course Availability: Access at any time
  • Time to Complete: 6-month access
  • Prerequisites: None

How the Green Belt Refresher Works

The instructor assesses a student’s Green Belt-level knowledge through a structured online venue and phone interview. If they identify knowledge gaps during the assessment process, they will give students up to 12 assignments designed to strengthen their Lean Six Sigma knowledge and address any deficiencies.

After the initial online assessment and phone interview, the Green Belt Refresher is primarily a self-study course. Instructors are available to interact with students via the online environment, email and phone.