The responsibilities of Child custody solicitors

The Responsibilities of Child Custody Lawyers

Who are child custody lawyers?

Child custody lawyers play an important role when a couple of divorces have children. Children normally feel insecure and they need counselling, security, and care. They need to be taken care of not getting into emotional damage. The professional Child custody solicitors ensure that the children of divorced parents get their rights in terms of social security and financial assistance from parents!

Two types of custody orders are in vogue:

  1. Legal custody, which means the parent or guardian who takes care of the child’s emotional security, health care, education, and welfare.
  2. Physical (Resident) custody: This ensures with whom the child lives.
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Custody Lawyers responsibilities for child security:

Post-divorce, child care arrangement is the couple’s responsibility. The separated parents should ensure their child gets all the facilities. All the concerns of the child need to be addressed. The child is maybe loyal towards one parent, which the parent must not detest. The solicitor should conduct counselling sessions for the parents to make them understand their priorities towards their offspring.

All appropriate living arrangements need to be made like bedtimes, homework, daily chores, and proper discipline. Attending birthdays, special occasions, any healthcare problems, doctor visits, etc.

Maintenance of Child’s financial requirements:

Divorced couples indulge in shunning responsibilities regarding money to be paid for the child’s welfare. The Child custody solicitors have to ensure this as per the Court order as per the higher-earning member among parents if both are working couples. If the mother is a homemaker, then it is Father’s responsibility.

Many requirements of a child daily as given below:

  • School fees or nursery fees
  • School uniform, study materials, tuition fees
  • Small local trips or Movie outings.
  • Everyday clothing and shoes
  • Pocket money
  • Mobile phone bills.
  • Birthday parties of friends and relatives.

Custody Lawyers should ensure Child protection by adoption:

Due to parental conflicts and separation, the child custody lawyers work on giving the rights of taking care of the child by one single parent. In the case of further dispute, if both parents do not agree, the solicitors arrange for the child’s custody by stepparents, legal guardians like grandparents, local authority adoption. According to special laws of the UK, US, there is provision for adoption. The special visiting rights will enable the parents to visit the child as permitted by law.

Prevention of Child abduction from one parent:

Child custody solicitors should work according to the law enforcement agencies such as police, Courts, Child Abduction Unit under the ministry of justice and other specialist organizations to prevent abduction firstly and also to secure the safe return of the child.

Final Word:

The many US, UK citizens when they divorce follow a standard contract. Here, one parent is the primary resident partner and the other has pre-defined access at stipulated time. Both parents will have equal rights and responsibilities. In the case of non-resident parents, online video conferencing facilities should be made available. The Child Custody Lawyers has a major responsibility towards the child of divorced parents!