Why Custmers Do Business With InXpress Shipping

As a busy small business owner, the idea of having to trawl through the different shipping rates and service agreements for the various shipping companies seems like a painful prospect. If only someone would actually listen to you, understand your business and what it is you actually need? Sounds far-fetched, but Donna’s Global Shipping (part of the inXpress franchise) aims to do just that. 

If you’re shipping international get in touch with Donna and she will handle the rest. No more: chasing up carriers, confusing tracking systems, surprise customs costs or, even worse, finding out from your customers that their package hasn’t arrived! Donna’s Global Shipping offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

International Expansion? What’s stopping you?

You have a great product and interest from international customers, but you are limited by: 

  • confusing cross-border shipping rules,
  • the hassle of dealing with carrier companies and
  • the transit time vs cost of delivery.

These are not the issues that you thought would limit your growth. If you have already carried out a market receptivity analysis and decided that your business is ready to step out into international waters, but have been put off by the limiting factors mentioned above, then there is a solution. Donna’s Global Shipping offers truly customized solutions; our in-depth knowledge and excellent relationships with carriers means we find the best deal for you. 

How InXpress Makes It Easy?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of shipping international is the amount and variation of shipping rates. Not only do you have a multitude of carriers to assess, who all have different shipping rates, but you also have the different rates and services offered by each carrier: UPS international shipping rates, UPS international expedited shipping, Fedex international express, Fedex international priority, economy, etc. But what does that mean for me? Do you really trust the carriers to give you the best solution for you? 

At #goglobalwithdonna your business receives the customized care and expertise of Donna, plus the support of the InXpress network. Donna has run a small business for years, so she knows what it’s like to have to fight to get your business the service it deserves. Once you use our international shipping service, you will wonder why you ever tried doing it yourself. 

One of the main factors that makes InXpress unique from other shipping solution providers is the customized solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of your business. When combined with the expertise you receive from Donna’s team, the whole package is simply ‘the best’!

How Donna and InXpress Make the Difference?

The company focuses on a fully personalized shipping option for your business and has an innovative online portal for managing all your orders. They also equip their customers with the right knowledge and offer impeccable consultation services. Apart from great customer service we do everything we can to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness. As an inXpress member you receive various discounts that other services don’t offer.

Typically, freight forwarders don’t operate using this model and usually serve as agents for a small group of shipping companies. However, Donna and InXpress white glove services are the smart solution for national and international contracts, they work with over 60+ carriers. They don’t have any allegiance to specific carriers, their only allegiance is to their customers.

When you opt to #goglobalwithdonna and InXpress, you are selecting a volume agnostic service, which fits whatever size business you are running. There are various domestic and international shipping methods for business owners to choose, including air, ocean, truck and rail. With Donna as your #shippingconcierge, she will help you choose the most cost-effective and safe method.

We Take Responsibility!

This is big! As a business owner, when you select a service to operate an aspect of your business, you need that service to stay true to their word. With InXpress and Donna, they don’t sell you short, they understand that when you are able to hand over responsibility for shipping with full confidence, then you can concentrate on growing your business and expanding your brand.