Authorized interpreting services international inc

We are authorized interpreting services international inc which will assist you in disrupting the language barrier with each and every language. Moreover, we assist your business communications with whatever they need and whenever they need. So, our services of interpretation in Dubai targets enhancing communications between service providers and customers, businesses and individuals for connecting.

We are an authorized language interpretation service providers. Therefore, our team contains greatly expert professionals whose language expertise is brilliant. So, we maintain severe quality checks for ensuring the accuracy and observing the whole confidentiality of your all transcribed and real documents.

We have experience with the interpretation of more than a decade. Therefore, we provide services of language interpretation in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. 

What is interpretation?

Interpreting is a direct type of art within humans, capable of representing multilingual verbal translation capabilities and breaking down language barriers between people of diverse linguistic origins. Further, they employ their abilities to transfer information between participants, hence serving as a bridge.

Don’t look any further since we are the leading provider of expert interpretation services in the UAE and throughout the world.

Our interpreters have been taught in the world’s leading linguistic institutes and have lived the cultural and social lifestyles of both worlds, so they have native-like expertise in both languages.

As a group of experienced interpreters in Dubai, we distinguish ourselves via our extensive expertise, high-quality service, and reasonable rates.

We are skilled in simultaneous, sequential, whispering, and liaison interpretation approaches by making our services useful in a variety of public and private settings such as courtrooms, hospitals, live conferences and exhibitions, and business-to-business interactions.

Our interpreting staff is also known for their exceptional communication, listening, and interpersonal skills, and also their consistency, all of which are qualities that distinguish the best interpreters.

We provide interpreting services for meetings, conferences, and trade exhibits, which have become truly international affairs, with exhibitors and guests coming from all over the world to attend and network with their peers in the field.

Moreover, we will arrange fully managed language services such as written translation in addition to providing interpretation services before the beginning of the event and all language-related needs of the project or event to ensure the accuracy across the sessions, to fully cater for your guests or participants, and to ensure that everyone enjoys and benefits from it, whether it is an event or a private meeting like this.

Why should you choose us for your interpreting services?

interpreting services international

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Top-quality linguistics
  • Great quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Support of implementation
  • Strong reporting
  • Top-quality linguistics
  • Great quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Support of implementation
  • Strong reporting

International visitors for interpreting services international inc

It is obvious that our overseas visitors will want to get the most out of the conference, which will include speaking with exhibitors and other attendees. Our video interpreting services can assist you in establishing a complete guest experience in this case.

Services of consecutive interpretation:

We offer simultaneous interpretation services to small groups for the question and answer sessions, conference calls, press conferences, speeches, presentations, and interviews, court hearings. Moreover, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker speaks in consecutive interpretation.

The interpretation is then given after the speaker has completed speaking or at other suitable points throughout the speech. So, this type of interpretation necessitates excellent memory and note-taking abilities. Unlike Simultaneous interpretation, there is no need for special transmission equipment here.

A skilled consecutive interpreter must have excellent note-taking capabilities. They should also be able to remember things and listen well. Meanwhile, the translator takes notes during a speech and conveys them to the participant once the speaker has stopped or at regular intervals during the speech. Because the interpreter is frequently in the same room as the speaker, so, it differs from simultaneous interpretation.

Interpreting whispering/ chuchotage services:

This style of interpreting is also known as huchotage, which is helpful when one or two people do not know the original language. So, this service is ideal for small meetings, one-on-one conversation sessions, social gatherings, tours, and walking excursions.

Interpreters who provide this service must maintain the noise level to a bare minimum while also keeping up with the speaker. Further, participants sit quite near to the speaker, which works best in one-on-one conversations, tours, social events, and walking excursions.

This form of interpreting service international inc is recommended for investors, visitors, and those who want to feel at ease and eliminate communication hurdles while visiting Dubai or the UAE.

Interpreting services for liaison:

When interpreting for a single person or a small group, this form of interpretation is appropriate. Similarly, it is similar to consecutive translation, except that the interpretations are made sentence by sentence and in a significantly shorter amount of time.

Dubai’s best:

We are the people to go to for the best translating services in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, whether you require judicial, escort, conference / events, public sector, or medical interpretation.

interpreting services

However, we provide specialized interpreting in over 100 language pairs, and we have included some examples here for your convenience and confidence in our services.

Languages we interpret (which include, but are not limited to):

  • Italian Interpreter
  • Chinese Interpreter
  • French Interpreter
  • German Interpreter
  • Farsi Interpreter
  • Russian Interpreter
  • Japanese Interpreter

Therefore, by providing conference interpreters, interpreting equipment, translations in any language, and foreign destination management, specializes in assisting national and international companies in planning flawless global conferences and meetings.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Simultaneous interpretation is a technique for interpreting two or more languages at the same time
  • Interpreting in a sequential order
  • Organizing international meetings
  • Interpreting equipment rental and sales tests
  • Any language translations
  • International delegates require multilingual destination management.
  • Services for translation
  • Services of interpretation

Our interpreting services international inc provides outstanding services that consistently surpass our clients’ expectations while also enhancing the international experience for their guests and participants. Also, we stand out because of our ability to provide a wide range of high-quality multilingual services with the utmost professionalism. Further, international delegates require multilingual destination management as well.


Professional Medical Translation Services For Accurate

One of the most sought-after top healthcare service providers in medical translation. However, there is still a question mark over the low quality of most medical translators’ work in providing medical document translation services.

We provide specialized medical translation services with the assistance of highly qualified medical translators who are well-versed in unique medical terminologies. We have a dedicated team of medical translators available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our project managers handle all of your medical translation needs, ensures that your project receives the utmost attention, is completed in a timely manner, and is prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you prior to beginning the procedure. If you often need medical translation, we are the best option for saving your money.

Translation in Dubai is entirely capable of providing advanced medical translation services for a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical subjects. So, for meeting the needs of our clients, we’ve assembled a team of highly qualified medical translators and editors with expertise in all major areas of medical sciences and medicine by making sure that translated content meets the target language’s requirements with the use of standardized medical terminology.

Because of the sensitive nature of this form of content, our group of medical translation experts and editors adheres to follow best practices for providing reliable and timely translations, as well as any relevant localization requirements our clients may have.

Our Clients Depend On Our Medical Translation Expertise

Pharmaceutical firms, clinical research organizations, medical and surgical device suppliers, biotech companies, and healthcare executives have come to trust language scientific with their most important papers. Further, clients rely on our proprietary methodology to reliably produce clear, trustworthy translations of high-value data.

Linguistics We Translate 

Language scientific offers medical translation services in more than 215 languages around the world. When clinical research becomes more global, this becomes more critical when translating clinical trial documents. Nonetheless, the majority of our medical translation work is for Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish, among other Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages as well.

Precision Is Above Everything in Medical Translation  

Every medical text develops technical concepts using precise and descriptive terminology. This terminology must be respected at all times. Furthermore, medical translation encompasses a wide range of specializations. As a result, finding a trained and experienced expert to work on your project is important.

In the same way that you would consult a cardiologist if you had a heart condition, you could have your document translated by a translator who specializes in the subject matter. It would be like contacting a general practitioner to perform surgery if you didn’t entrust your translation to a specialist. Therefore, our medical translation agency will locate this specialist for you, as we are well aware of the difficulties that any medical translation entails.

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical information 

Errors and inaccuracies in medical and pharmaceutical translation will be prohibited. They could have serious consequences like health issues, finances, and credibility. Don’t entrust your medical records’ translation to just anybody! Only a professional may translate a medical brochure, a general interest work, a leaflet, or a new product’s dosage.

Translation of several languages 

We have been developing a global network of skilled translators for more than a decade. We translate several languages and cover a wide variety of language pairs. Our skilled translators also offer a number of specialized expertise and experience to the table.

Expert native translators’ network

Our translators are native speakers of the target languages we translate that you need. So, they can use local slang and dialects, as well as provide skilled localization services, by ensuring that your translations are accurate and tailored to the needs of your target audiences.

An agency for medical translation 

Cultures Connection has a long history of providing excellent translation services and collaborating with a large network of experienced medical translators. Moreover, the hiring process is rigorous: translators are selected based on their credentials, experience, as well as their language and technical abilities.

They are constantly reviewed as part of their relationship with our translation company in order to provide you with the best possible service. They’re all excellent linguists who have mastered their working languages to perfection. They even know the laws in the countries selected by your medical and pharmaceutical documents like the back of their hands.

What is the best way to translate medical documents?

Medical document translation solutions vary depending on the type of document to be translated, with medical equipment translation being one notable example Legal translation Al Barsha South

A translator who specializes in medical prescription translation, for instance, cannot be able to offer the same level of consistency when translating operation notes.

Medical document translation services: A variety of options

Here’s a partial list of medical translations we deal with on a daily basis:

  • Conference reports 
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Publications 
  • Projects and feasibility reports 
  • Study outcomes and current research reports 
  • General interest works 
  • Pharmaceutical regulations
  • Test reports 
  • Leaflets 
  • Medical reports
  • New product dosages 
  • Clinical trial results

Certified medical translation services 

Our quality control system was audited and found to be fully compliant with the standard. Similarly, each translation comes with a statement of accuracy certificate. If the IRB/ethics committee needs official translations, we can also provide back translation and confirmation. Moreover, internationally accredited translation organizations have approved all of our medical translators.

Clinical validation of medical documents 

We can provide medical document translation services which will be checked by medical doctors who are licensed in the targeted countries if necessary by regulatory authorities. Many of our medical translators have received advanced medical training, and some are also medical doctors.

Upkeep of medical documentation 

Some medical records are updated on a regular basis, often many times a year. This is particularly true of medical equipment manuals, operating instructions, and clinical trial documents, including informed consent forms and clinical guidelines.

We keep memories of medical document translation services for all the translated documents in order to provide updates with a fast turnaround and at a low cost. Using translation memories, we can figure out exactly what has changed since the previous version was published using translation versions and only translate the new material and updates.


Top Techniques Used By Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi

There are different techniques that can be applied within legal translation according to specific verbal elements or textual conventions. Techniques are often used in a mix, while translation methods are applied as a whole to a translation task. Legal translations are essentially communication between two legal systems and are very closely connected with the prevailing cultures. 

In the field of law, the legal language is an instrument for achieving justice and communicating with content having legal importance. Any mistranslated can create serious financial or social consequences. It is not just a case of ethnicity; legal translations relate to linguistics, legal knowledge, and a little bit of flexibility. 

As terminologies and the structure of the content are sometimes altered by translators to suit the needs in a legal system. Different practices are being used by legal translation services in Abu Dhabi to furnish legal translations for their clients. We take a look here at some of these practices or techniques of translating legal concepts and information

Functional Equivalent Technique for Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

The exchange of information during translations between two legal systems is based on legal terms. The denotation of legal texts is determined by the legal context it is intended to be used in. 

A translator finds the functional equivalence of a legal term from one language to another during legal translations. This forms the equivalent functional techniques in legal translations. Most legal translation services in Abu Dhabi tend to prefer these Legal translation Tecom when it comes to translations. The reason that there are different legal systems that use the Arabic language.

Words, sentences, and terminologies from one legal system are to be accommodated while finding equivalencies in the other legal system. It cannot be the best suited or literal conversion of terms in legal translation

Legal translators mostly look deeper into the legal system terminologies to find the precise sameness and the functional equivalence of the terminology. This comes from the knowledge about the language and the legal system. Without this, an equivalent functional technique would not be possible. 

Similarly, for these techniques to work, understanding cultural limitations is also essential. Sometimes legal terms are connected with the cultural bounds in a geographical area. Finding equivalencies would not be possible without cultural knowledge of the meaning of terms in one legal system and their connotations in the other.

Cultural Substitutions And Literal Translations

When a legal translator replaces the original text with a culturally appropriate element, then it is referred to as substitution or adaptation. This happens when the situation or word mentioned in the original legal language does not exist or match with a word in the other legal language or system. 

For example, in the case of translation of legal contracts, the law and legal system governing the contract is given preference and not the one in which it was originally developed. Thus, cultural elements or terms are interpreted accordingly (either from source or the target legal system). This produces a more familiar, appropriate, and a comprehensive legal contract that is in accordance with the prevailing legal system as well. 

Layouts or formats are also slightly adjusted in these legal translation techniques to avoid literal interpretation and to produce a more appropriate translation. In such cases, the contextual meaning is kept intact to convey the overall meaning to the target reader. Sometimes the original and translated work maintain the meaning, arrangement of words, and the styles in legal translations. This is called a meta-phase or a literal translation

Such translations are only possible in legal systems which are culturally very close. The phrases and content in this technique are translated word-by-word and are ensured to be idiomatically correct as well. There is a huge school of thought which believes that in order to preserve the letter of the law, legal translations should be undertaken literally. 

Dictionaries vs. Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Legal content is always distinct owing to its complexity, specialized terminologies, and type of discourse used in it. Reconstruction of legal content from one language to another; sometimes becomes complex due to the unavailability of comparable functional equivalent. This is where bilingual law dictionaries mostly come into play in translation services. 

These dictionaries are proving to be very handy to novices who only bring linguistic knowledge to translations without any legal intellect. They often overlook the fact that it is not just mere legal terms; it is the reconstruction of a phrase connected with another legal system and culture. 

Most of the freely available online law dictionaries are of poor quality and do not provide details of legal terms from different cultures. This leads to mistranslated. Hence, experts recommend that monolingual legal dictionaries and scholarly articles are referred to in cases of difficulties in finding equivalencies. 

Experience, Rules and Knowledge

A legal translator bridges the divides of legal systems, the languages, and the associated cultures all at the same time. No matter what legal translation techniques are being taken for legal translation, it becomes unusable if the translator does not follow the general ethics and required professionalism. Legal translations are more about getting literate translation than a literal conversion. 

Completing translations from original copies, upholding data protection, following the format, remaining non-judgmental in private legal documents, and maintaining the layouts of original legal documents; are some of the very basics. Remaining focused on cultures in a linguistic structure of a phrase comes with experience. 

This is beyond the issues of terminological gaps or lexical voids. It relates to finding target language structures in legal systems with the same functions. It takes time, skills, and an understanding of structural components and elements in different languages. 

For any effective legal translation work, legal translators use a variety of legal translation techniques to get the intended results. Adaptation, omissions, and literalism are the most common techniques which are used by legal translators. No techniques are perfect and we cannot uphold that one is better than the other. 

To us, as a legal translation service in Abu Dhabi, the final product takes prime importance. It has to be a perfect rendition and should fulfill the requirement of our clients. Over the years, we take pride in that we have been able to achieve a great level of satisfaction and trust from our clients.


Legal translators mostly prefer to use functionalist theories, which favor the context and user of the final translated product. But is this the most appropriate technique to use in Abu Dhabi? Are there any other factors to consider as well? We try to look at the very basics of legal translation techniques read in this blog.